hello there i'm johnny & my entire existence can be summed up by the time i stole a packet
of hello kitty stickers from the garbage can outside my therapist's office.

i like lofi hip-hop, yugioh, and weight-lifting!! i play a lot of video games.
some of my faves include hamtaro: ham ham heartbreak, legend of zelda: twilight princess,
kirby 64: the crystal shards, watch_dogs 2, pokemon, and skyrim!

this is my mental illness/vent side twitter
i have npd, hpd, gad, bdnos or maybe sza, and sum other shit
im a cocsa survivor & i talk about it...a lot! on here.

if you ever need to unfollow this acct because it gets heavy, i totally understand!
please just softblock me; i dont like following people on this acct
who arent following it back.

thanks for reading!